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URGENT: Port of Tacoma Action Sun 3/5 @ 9pm

URGENT: Port of Tacoma Action Sun 3/5 @ 9pm

Saturday night, 30-40 regional activists observed multiple convoys from Ft Lewis coming through the Port of Tacoma to be shipped to Iraq. Riot cops had a big presence, probably 30 or so. Activists had a presence there to show that we do not want the military using our port. We need more people!

Another action is planned Sunday night @ 9pm for the next expected set of convoys. The more people that come, the more of an effect we can have. If we have enough people, we can possibly take direct action and stop or slow down the militarization of our port.

There is a teach-in about the Iraq war during the day in Tacoma, including a discussion about the port militarization, with a free Riot Folk! show afterwards. So come down to Tacoma for the day, and we can find you a place to stay if you need to spend the night. In addition, there are actions planned for the whole week. For more details about the teach-in and this week, see

It's not only possible but quite probabale we can delay or even stop the shipments from coming through Tacoma. All we need is a large presence. That was perhaps the most frustrating thing last year during the Port of Olympia protests: people were not there when we needed them the most. All we needed at one point was 100 people total to take non-violent direct action to stop the military convoys. We should really take advantage of the privilege we have - if this were Iraq, we'd got shot from being even a mile away from a large US military presence. If the weapons ship out, PEOPLE WILL DIE...

(There should be a lot of folks there tonight. Bring instruments, warm clothes and blankets, cameras... for good times.)

Also, bring still cameras and video cameras.

To get to Port of Tacoma:

I-5 to exit 136 B (Port of Tacoma)
Follow to Port of Tacoma Rd
Take Port of Tacoma Rd until E 11th.
Left on E 11th
Follow until Milwaukee. Find our people and park there.

If you can't come at 9:00pm, come later. We'll still need you. Come later this week.

-tear it down-

See for important upcoming events this week in Tacoma and Olympia.
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