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South Sound Organization for Animal Rights

formerly Tacoma Veggies

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animal rights, animal liberation, veganism in the south sound
This is the online LiveJournal community for South Sound Organization for Animal Rights, formerly Tacoma Veggies! Now basically defunct, unless you want to start it up or start youw own! If interested, contact ssoar@riseup.net

For a list of vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurants and grocery stores in the South Sound/Tacoma & Olympia area, go to http://tacomafnb.kalistongue.com/vegguide.html

Read our story in the Tacoma News Tribune - Tacoma Veggies offer more than food to chew on

For more information, email us at ssoar@riseup.net.

And if you haven't yet been to Quickie Too, Tacoma's only vegan restaurant (and one of the best restaurants in the world), GO!

Their information is:
Quickie Too
1324 Martin Luther King Jr. Way (Corner of S 13th & MLK Jr. Way)
Tacoma, WA 98405

Also, check out the South Sound Vegans Myspace.

Thanks for your interest!

If you're a vegetarian/vegan in Seattle, check out seattlevegans

For more information about vegetarianism or to request a vegetarian starter kit go to:
www.veganstarterpack.com. Feel free to email us at ssoar@hemp.net to get involved or to ask any questions.

Seattle groups:
Northwest Animal Rights Network
Action For Animals